The Portal

How did Trump get here? He stepped through a portal from the bizarro worlds of rightwing and “reality” media into our world. He’s a grotesque avatar loosed among us, a creature not born of blood; spun, instead, from the hating-for-dollars hype of post-Fairness-Doctrine radio and from anything-for-eyeballs corporate TV. What his candidacy proves, even if it is a “failure” in conventional terms, is that the portal is there and that creatures from it will be worshipped when they come.

Tuh-MAY-toe or Toh-MAH-toe?

Should vehicles be driven on the left or the right side of the road? Should vehicles driven by learners or new drivers have distinctive markings? Should vehicle registration documents reside in glove compartments or on windshields or on license tags or elsewhere? How many prongs should electric plugs have? Should the checkout folks at grocery stores sit or stand?

When you travel, you begin to see all of the little things and not-so-little things that might be done one way or another, with no choice being better obviously than others, but with each contributing to the flavor of a place.

An Irish Walk

You would find them
If they were there,
Beneath the lip of the quay,
Or amongst some moss
That’s found a footing in the stone,
Or in the damp crevices
Where mortar was.

The Truths, I mean.
The Reasons,
Some assurance,

All that’s there
Is air.

Even so,
There’s a fine summer chill
Carried on the breeze,
And a diffuse cheer
Of grey light,
And morning voices
Lilting over the water
And down the lanes.
And that’s enough for now.

Squeaky Clean

Is “squeaky clean” too much to ask these days? Have we decided that aspiring to avoid not just conflicts of interest but the appearance of conflicts of interest is for suckers? Is skating on the edge of the ethical in government matters the new normal for people in public life — something to be admired, even? Perhaps there’s not a thing actually wrong with the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of all that money while Hillary holds or seeks positions of official power. Perhaps my queasiness about it is old-fashioned or worse, hypocritical. Perhaps I should get over it and move on. And yes, I’m voting for Hillary. And yes, a major reason for my support is that the alternative is the American Armageddon.

Fact Checkers

So the fact checkers say more than 90% of what Trump says is false? What fact checkers? You know who these fact checkers are? Losers. Pathetic losers who can’t get real jobs like being a billionaire. You know what? Give me fact MAKERS, not fact checkers. Makers, people. Makers are winners. They don’t get captured. They make things. Big things. Big as you want. You want big? Go to a fact maker.

Citizen of Planet Earth